Burberry Shirts

The brand that can you can always count on, Burberry! This English luxury label provides you with only the best to ensure you always stay high on fashion. With so many products offered by the label, the shirts by it are noteworthy. These shirts break the stereotype that they can be worn only as a formal wear and will gracefully slide into your casual wardrobe as well. Like all of the products by this brand, these shirts also adorn the classic check pattern which has become synonym with it over the year and it gives a sophisticated appeal to the products it is placed on.
Available for both men and women, the choice of color is varied. The sophisticated range looks great when paired up with contrasting bottoms and give an edgy look to the outfit. Styles like slim fit shirt, modern fit, poplin shirt, exploded shirt and solid shirt are few of the styles than can be chosen by men. The formal shirts display classic tailoring and usage of rich materials with attention on fine details. The fabric is breathable and perfect for creating layering. They complement the whole attire with their clean silhouettes. Other than the check pattern, gingham pattern can also be opted for.
Women wear on the other hand can be seen having the hints of florals, heart pattern, abstract prints, leaf design and the very obvious check style. The whole collection displays a relaxed approach and is available in materials like silk, cotton blend and lace. Colors that can be chosen range from red, beige, blue, white, black, ice blue, navy, light pink, pale yellow, multicolor, dusty green and etc. They are a must have for an endless versatility and a timeless addition in your closet and a distinctive everyday look.