The original Car Shoe or better known as just Car Shoe was founded in the year 1963 by the Italian shoe maker Gianni Mostile. He was quite passionate about racing cars and this passion is the reason for the invention of the moccasins crafted in leather featuring perforated rubber stubs on the sole which makes them apt for driving especially racing cars. He later on got this unique invention patented from the Italian Ministry of Trade and Industry in the year 1964. After receiving the patent, he started this company. These shoes were hand made using very soft leather and sole making them suitable while driving, also making it clear that the brand focuses on quality and precision. It is this company which introduced the world with this ultra modern shoe. The motive was to create a comfortable shoe for driving to make it an even more pleasurable experience. They very interestingly mix comfort, tradition and modernity into one. Eminent personalities like John F. Kennedy and Giovanni Agnelli recommended this exclusive beauty.

In the year 2001, the company was acquired by the Prada group which led to the opening of its stores in Milan and Capri and the products were also sold through 200 major international boutiques. Other stores are in Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. Acquisition of the label by Prada saw a remarkable growth and it has always preserved the original craftsmanship. Only the best quality leather is used in the making of the driving shoe.

Soon this design became very popular and iconic. Initially made only for drivers and racers, today these shoes are worn everywhere. This versatile piece looks best with jeans, shorts or chinos. These driving shoes are available in a range of colors like white, beige, red, pink, brown, blue, navy and black and etc for both men and women. There is a separate collection for kids as well. They also launched a made to order collection of these slip-ons in which customers can customize their shoe according to their need and choice. Apart from these classic moccasins, other options available are sneakers, sandals, flats and boots.