Who would have known this forty eight year old designer, born in Maldon, Essex, London been able to have established an eponymous company that rules the hearts of hundreds, of thousands? Anya Susannah Hind march is a fashion accessories designer. The urge to be driven toward fashion emerged in her when she was busy studying Italian in Florence, Italy. Another woman who shaped her entrepreneurial ideas is Margaret Thatcher. The drawstring duffel bag became her basis to what led to manufactured bags in Hackney. By the year 1992 she was already on the verge of a rip-roaring start in her career. Her philosophy croons, “British, humorous and personalized”, which is highly inspired from Italy. “Be a bag” line was launched as a result of sheer determination to support charitable causes. “I’m not a plastic bag”, consisted of tote bags that aimed at justifying the harm caused due to the usage of plastic bags, needlessly, it was an overnight success for Anya’s effort. Selfridges, the very recognized e-commerce portal, had collaboration with Hind march to create pretty magic with Christmas hampers. In 2013, Anya Hind march decided to open her own flagship store on Madison Avenue which is seen selling bespoke bags and manufactured ones.

In today’s times, this brand has over 45 stores all over the globe. Accessories by Anya Hind march are procurable in quite big names of retail stores- Boon the Shop in Korea to Barney’s in New York. It might be a niche brand but still maintains its freedom and exquisite craftsmanship. Anya’s designs are not merely limited to display cliché modeling on the runway; it very well features an artful Rubik’s cube, a huge mirrored Kaleidoscope set and so forth.

The bespoke piece available at 5 bespoke stores describes itself, “having your name on something, rather than mine”, which bridges the gap between craftsman and customer. The online shop of Anya Hind march features This Season, Bespoke, Just Arrived, Handbags, Accessories and Travel.

Anya Hind march has gathered recognition and caused quite a stir in the world of fashion and thereon received an MBE for her diligent contribution to the British fashion industry. She also has other awards in her kitty that include, a British fashion award, a Glamour Women of the year award, Accessory designer of the year awards and an Elle Style Award. These awards speak volumes about the success of a fashion house run gloriously by Anya Hind march.