Designing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing leather goods, shoes, accessories, haute couture, eyewear, home decoration stuff and cosmetics, watches, ready-to-wear, watches, and jewelry is what the Italian fashion house Armani deals in. This fashion house was founded in the year 1975 by founders Nat Stack and Giorgio Armani. And today, who wouldn’t know it? In order to cater these products to the masses and classes alike, several labels are marketed that have their range from the most expensive to the most accessible. Armani Collezioni, Armani Prive, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani (EA7), Armani Jeans (also known as AJ) and Armani Exchange (also called AX) are the places at which the brand markets these products. It is presently headquartered in Milan, Italy giving fashion a new edge. Undoubtedly, it is benefitted from the prestige and maintains the dignity of high fashion that it firmly believes in. A fact for the readers, Armani is the speeding fashion brand defeating even the likes of other Italian luxury brands.

Armani Exchange was established in the year 1991 in the United States. The best way to recognize Armani Exchange is by recalling its provocative ad campaigns and commercials that raised quite a pair of eyes. It is delved in retailing fashion and lifestyle products. Fortunately, it is the most accessible brand by Armani. Dance music and street-chic style are known to influence the classic patterns manufactured in those factories that have always bought us the true wisdom.

To speed up the success and growth of the nascent concerned line, Giorgio Armani co-founded the joint venture company Presidio Holdings Ltd in the year 2005 with the support of partnership of Como Holdings, the company procured by the Singapore based tycoon Ong Beng Seng that, since 1994, has been responsible for the production and distribution license for the fashion line AX or Armani Exchange in the richness of these many countries and continents- Asia- Pacific, Canada, South America, United States, and Central America.

The products of Armani Exchange are procurable exclusively in as many as 270 stores in 31 countries and are also purchasable on the brand’s website. Can you guess where would the flagship store be? Indeed it’s Manhattan. The first ever Armani Exchange store was inaugurated in September 1991 in the Soho district. Thereby, making it the flagship store.

Armani exchange has been and will always continue to keep the spark alive when it comes to the fashion for men or women.