Max Azria is a Tunisia based fashion designer who is known for establishing the clothing brand BCBG Max Azria. This brand is known as the clothing brand that deals in manufacturing apparel and accessories for contemporary women across the globe. BCBG Max Azria Group is headed by the designer Max Azria, who is also the chairman and CEO. Not only BCBG but there are over 20 brands under one roof. At present he is based in Los Angeles.

The labels that are run by this company are BCBG Max Azria, BCBG Max Azria Runway, Herve Leger by Max Azria, Max Azria, BCBG Generation and Miley Cyrus and Max Azria. BCBG Max Azria was launched in the year 1989. BCBG is a French phrase which is, “bon chic, bon genre”. Parisians merely use it as a slang meaning, “good style, and good attitude”. In the year 1998, Max was selected as a team member of the Council of fashion Designers of America (CFDA)due to his designer fashion being offered at affordable prices. At New York Fashion Week (NYFK), BCBG Max Azria’s first ever runway collection was launched for the world to see and get awed at. The other two eponymous designer collections, Max Azria and Max Azria Atelier are also there, widening the horizon of this fashion house.

Max Azria atelier was launched in early 2004. It is mostly dedicated to red carpet events, creating couture gowns for Hollywood big names, Princesses of Royalty and rich clients. From Alicia Keys to Sharon Stone to Fergie to bong girl Halle Berry- they have donned elegant gowns of Azria on the red carpet pretty warmly. Nearly two years later, Max Azria was debuted, which is a ready-to-wear collection for women consisting of dresses, trousers, blouses, shirts, tops and so forth. It has a distinct directional aesthetic. 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics Choice Awards fetched the glimpse of Angelina Jolie in one of the exquisite gowns of Max Azria.

History was made when Max procured the fashion couturier Herve Leger in 1998. Britney Spears, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Camille Belle have worn the gowns by Herve Leger to red carpet events.

Max once again caused stir in the fall 2008 New York fashion Week when he produced three major fashions shows all at once- Max Azria, Herve Leger and BCBG Max Azria Runway.