The name is French and so is the brand. Parisian,to be precise. Celine is a French ready-to-wear fashion brand that also deals in leather goods. It was founded in the year 1945 by its founder Celine Vipiana and her husband Richard Vipiana. It is presently headquartered in 16 rue Vivienne, Paris, France. Also it is the brand which is owned by LVMH group. The Creative Director of Céline is Phoebe Philo and Marco Gobbetti is the president and CEO. In 2012 it estimated its revenue to be near about 172.2 million euro.

The label confined its business to the manufacturing of shoes for children and later on it commenced by opening its first boutique at 52 rue Malte in Paris. Raymont Peynet has been known as the creator of much famous logo of Celine- the red elephant.

Finally in 1960, it ventured towards the making of fashion for women and thereby concentrated on ready-to-wear which had a sportswear edge. Now Celine was selling a wide range of leather products and merchandise such as apparel, gloves, bags and loafers.

You know when did the brand tasted real success? Back in 1964 when it launched its own range of fragrance known by the name- Vent Fou. Also fame came in handy after the launch of latest collection of accessories, called ‘American Sulky’. Needlessly, the trench gained a lot of success and became the signature item of the fashion house. When it observed roaring success, it further decided to keep in investing more fashion and business at same time. This lead to the establishment of new leather goods factory in Florence, Italy. In 1973, the luxury brand reformed its logo with the intermixed “C” American Sulky canvas, bridged to the Arc-de-Triomphe. This turned out to be an iconic symbol for Parisians. In the following years, Celine launched a number of boutiques across the globe- Toronto (Canada), Beverly Hills (California, United States), Monte Carlo (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Hong Kong and Lausanne.

Ever since LVMH bought this fashion house, it has been propelled to fame and worldwide recognition with the launching of a boutique at 36 avenue Montaigne in Paris.

In 1997, Michael Kors headed as the ready-to-designer and Creative Director for Celine. During his stay at the house, Michael Kors captured contemporary femininity with a class. Roberto Menichetti headed as the Creative Director in the year 2005, followed by Ivana Omazic.