The namesake label of the Florentine Italian designer and politician is widely acclaimed for its iconic geometric prints in bright polychromatic patterns, rainbow of colors and designs. So much so, that these attributes have become synonym with it and are easily recognizable. Initially the founder designed a Ski outfit for himself and his friends that got featured in Harper Bazaar magazine USA after which the label gained prominence. He wanted to create something which provides freedom to the ladies of that time from tight and heavy clothes which they had to wear. Which is the reason that his designs were light and flowy for free movement, as such clothes were also apt for travelling providing much more liberation. The stretch fabric caused a sensation in the fashion industry. He is said to draw inspiration from his surroundings and nature.

Founded in the year 1947, it has spread its wings with more than 50+ stores worldwide to include an extensive and ethereal range of ready-to-wear, swimwear, evening dresses, sophisticated silhouettes, shoes, eyewear and a home décor line, all featuring the iconic and distinctive abstract patterns. The broad ranging use of surface pattern and path-breaking tint amalgamations distinguishes Pucci’s work throughout the fashion strata. The headquarters of the label is located in the Pucci palace which itself is a work of art to be admired. It has been a favorite of famous women throughout the years which helped it in gaining a lot of attention.

The colorful range of products with unique prints is quite appealing and distinctive. It offers accessories, handbags, apparels for the modern women who are looking for something extraordinary. The ensembles highlight the natural curves of a woman with soft and flowing lines by the help of fluid dresses. The designs are sensual, striking and glamorous befitting for the young generation. The practical and exotic range of collection is loved by women of all age groups. The usage of colors is admirable for its distinctiveness. Have a look at the joyful and unconventional collection by Emilio Pucci.