Under ‘The Club Illusionist’ Hogan is presenting the latest Spring Summer Collection via eight vibrant and cheerful mini videos that would give the whole idea behind the designs and patterns. ‘The Fragment’ is yet another part of Spring Summer 2016 collection. Under ‘Hogan Atelier’ one can explore the exclusive and only more exclusive models; it is generated to be more interactive in terms of the haute couture edition of this luxury brand. ‘That’s my club’ shows how intelligence guards or analyzes the new Hogan sober yet glamorous collection. The Hogan Club Style would interpret the Spring Summer 2016 catalogue. Bruno Miotto has made a witty, ironic and brilliant short film that features Marta Pozzan and states “The golden rules for rocking it as a fashion blogger”. Women’s Presentation section expresses the role of Simon Holloway that paved way to the sophisticated yet bling atmosphere and the post-punk aeon of the 80’s that is also one of the reason behind the Spring Summer 2016 collection. The Men’s Presentation features how the 80s in New York influenced the vision of Hogan in creating the refined and glamorous and gritty collection with the concept of sports luxury.

“Interactive” was launched in 1997 as one of Hogan’s best-seller. It has become the symbol of informal elegance which is subtle yet glamorous.

‘Inside Hogan’ takes you through collection, that’s my club, presentation, brand stores and Hogan history. The collection is offered for all three- women, men and kids. The women section offers shoes, bags, accessories, Hogan rebel and Hogan club, wherein the shoes category offers Interactive, sneakers, brogues, ballerinas, loafers, sandals and wedges. The accessories category offers small leather goods and belts. Shoes for men are such as interactive, sneakers, formals and beachwear; accessories are such as small leather goods, belts and key holders. The shoes category offers interactive, sneakers, formal and beachwear.