The Sole uplifting and glamorous British footwear brand was founded in 1996. The label empowers the bold spirit of femininity specializing in footwear, clutches, accessories and fragrances. Embodying footwear at the label’s heart, the brand extended and entrusted insight of charisma and a blissfully bold spirit in its essentials. The empire traces its origins to a bespoke shoemaker named Jimmy Choo, based in the East End of London, who supplied fashion essentials to the worldwide jet set fans and mod elites including Princess Diana.

For the thrill of elegance in the brand followers Jimmy Choo presented its first vogue collection in 1996. Comfortable, impeccable taste, chic styles and high status are the defining factors of its designs. Jimmy Choo designs. Jimmy Choo essentials have been the red carpet favorite for many celebrities. The brand encompasses Bags, small leather goods, scarves, Heels/Pumps, sunglasses, eyewear, belts and fragrances for men and women both.

It is one of the quickest developing brands of the luxury market. The talented teams have worked inexhaustibly to explicate a concentrated business exemplary with the necessary acquisitions, inventions and investment to surmount it.

The classy cutting edge happening designs, and exceedingly surpassing Italian workmanship harmonized with the experienced and practical clientele, as a consequence lead to the inaugural collection relishing instant achievements! With an aim of devising a worldwide opulent clientele, The brand pulled in global investments and commenced on a substantial growth envisioning product categories, channels and geographies.

The label has been a ground breaker in contributing iconic shoes and outstanding handbags & clutches to the celebs on the red carpet. The most celebrated Sweetie & Candy Clutches by the label have been the latest obsession for the fashionistas. These are available in wide ranging variants from vibrant pink, golden, sapphire and champagne, to beautiful and gorgeously floral and lacey prints- grabbing the attention and making the bearer a completely stand out in the crowd!

The brand has also introduced unparalleled bridal collection with made-to-order services for the brides to be; and offers very enticing signature styles that can be custom-made as per one’s choice amalgamated with bewitching colors, crafted in best of textures and designs!