Giorgio Armani Wallet

Wallet is an unavoidable accessory, not only for men but for women as well. The Giorgio Armani fulfills the basic requirement of a person with it’s exquisite wallets.  
For men, the Giorgio Armani offer peddle black and brown colored wallets, crafted in leather with single bill compartment. It can hold all your cash and cards. The sleek design, comfortably slips into the back pocket of your trousers as well as denims.  
The brand have enormous range of wallets for women. The wallet for men can be simple and functional but the wallet for ladies has got to have style as well. The handy wallets of the brand not only allows the women to keep their belongings safe but also perks up their looks. The classic and chic design can give a lot of confidence to a women in her daily pursuit.  
Whether it be traditional billfolds for the back pocket or wallets for purses, Giorgio Armani provides you with it all. The wallets are sleek but can hold almost everything that you expects it to hold.  
Wallets are one of the most understated fashion accessory. For those who take every aspect of fashion seriously, the wallets of the luxury fashion brand, Giorgio Armani, are now available at