Michael Kors Bags

The New York based brand, Michael Kors, aims at “elegantly crafted handbags beyond simplicity”. Michael Kors is definitely one of the leading brands in both men and women fashion industry, however, it has mastered the art of designing handbags and purses. Darveys.com brings all the bags designed by Michael Kors under one roof.
The tote bags are large bags used for carrying all your items conveniently. The tote bags of this brand are crafted in mixed material. The elegant and eye-catchy colors like, black, white, blue, pink dusk etc. will raise every eyeball, no matter where you go.
The teenagers needs to watch out for the cute backpacks of Michael Kors with adjustable straps. The designs and color combinations are hard to find elsewhere. The youthful pink, black, white and celadon color makes these small and cute looking backpacks perfect for school and college going students.
The small crossbody bags, crafted in leather features a adjustable long chain strap that allows you to hang the bag in cross body manner. You can now take the style along with you wherever you go in form these crossbody bags.
The iconic bucket bags of Michael Kors that embodies the label of the brand along with spacious and exotic design will impress you completely.
Darveys.com brings all the style and design of Michael Kors bags and purses under one roof. You can get an access to them all at a click of a button.