Prada Heels/Pumps

If you are a Prada fan, you’d know that today, the Prada emblem is the go to sign for sheer style, class and a unique sense of Italian sensibility. With a gamut of styles, the luxury label covers every sphere of fashion and lifestyle. Leather workers, Mario and Martino Prada opened had envisioned Prada to be where it is today in the year 1913. Their granddaughter was the one who revolutionized the label and took it to its success.

One of the most cherished collection by Prada is of heels and pumps. All the way from poised and delicate to high status as well as independent, the shoes are made for the strong headed women who knows which way to go. At Darveys, the catalog embodies leather heels, mid heels, suede heels, classic heels, platform heels, ankle strap heels, chunky heels and a lot more.

There’s something for work, play and party at Darveys. The sophisticated shades of brown, black, and beige are made to impress others at work whereas; the purple, glittered, violet and others are for times when you can show off your stature by being flamboyant.

Darveys has it all and that too at reasonable prices.