Prada Totes

Tote bags have been in the industry for a while now but it took some time for women to carry it because of the already existing bag styles. There is a possibility that females were unaware of the fact that the respective style was called as the tote and was using it day-in-day-out. The word tote refers to a large bag that can carry a lot of things or accessories at the same time. If you compare it with the other styles, you’ll see how it differs from cross body bags or satchels or even handbags.

Prada features a distinct assortment of bags for the modern women who complement their outfits with the right pair of shoes, bag and the other accessories. Prada tote bags are full of colors, versatility and are designed to be purposeful for all the workaholic ladies. Crafted from leather, all the products in the category can be used for formal as well as casual occasions.

Bowler bags, Cross body bags, evening bags, shoulder bags, totes and a lot more styles are available at Darveys by the luxury brand. You can check it out all here.